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Avoid Costly Repairs With Our Maintenance Plans

The lack of annual maintenance can lead to a reduction in the service life of your roof. The increase in annual life cycle costs for an under-maintained roof can far outweigh the cost savings from not performing the maintenance. The lack of maintenance also makes the likelihood of storm damage much higher and more catastrophic.

inspecting roofing

Roof Management Systems

An effective roof management system quantifies the current value of roofing assets, outlines a maintenance program, and identifies potential replacement cost on an annual basis.

Our Maintenance Plans Include

Lack of maintenance is the leading reason why claims are denied by insurance carriers, as it is a breach of all insurance policies.

  • Maintenance (debris removal, sealing terminations, seam checks, minor repairs)
  • Bi-Annual Inspections With Documented Reports: Establishes documented history of roof, the prerequisite of proving causation in a storm event.
  • Recommendation of Repairs: Prescriptive repairs that ensure the full life cycle of your roof and keep you compliant with your insurance policy requirements.
  • Catastrophe Preparedness: Proving Causation by establishing and validating a history. Our maintenance plans may help avoid a claim in the event of a storm. If a claim is necessary, the history will help to secure the claim.
  • Roof Reserve Estimates: Considers the current place in the life cycle of your roof and the cost to realize full life cycle benefits ensuring budgetary goals.

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