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I-Factor: Fiduciary Tool for Roof Asset Management

A fiduciary puts clients’ interests ahead of their own with a duty to preserve good faith and trust. Island Roofing & Sheet Metal embodies the true role of a fiduciary as our objective is to provide knowledge and data to empower clients to make decisions based on facts. We understand the dynamics of protecting your structure in a fiscally responsible method.

Is your goal to extend the life of your current roofing system with the lowest out-of-pocket cost? How does this strategy compare to full replacement? What are the probabilities of a catastrophic storm hitting the area and is your insurance policy aligned for that potential?

Island Roofing & Sheet Metal has created a tool considering multiple variables related to a roofing project. We can show you, with hard data, what your options look like so you can make a sound financial decision. If your goals change, so will the viable solution.

Managing the 4 stages of the roof life cycle can empower you to take control of roof expenditures and plan for the future.

4 factors graphic

island roofing cycle graphic

Variables like inflation, routine maintenance and repairs, roof life expectancy, and cost savings are paramount to determine the true cost of a new roofing system. I-Factor takes these variables into account, plus localized factors like disaster contingencies, to bring financial transparency to your roofing project.

To get your personalized I-FACTOR report, contact Island Roofing today. COMING SOON!

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