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Experienced Professional Team

The owners of Island Roofing & Sheet Metal have over 50 years of combined experience in commercial and residential roofing. The management team has an additional 100+ years of combined roofing experience. See our “About Us” page.

commercial flat roof

To Consult Our Clients

Island Roofing & Sheet Metal serves as a fiduciary to guide Roof Asset Management for our clients. We utilize fiscal modeling for consultation from research-based facts. We provide data-driven roof assembly evaluation by the numbers with options for now, and strategic options for the projected future with disaster contingencies based on:

  • History of the Roof: Permit history, age of roof, specifications, serviceable equipment, history of repairs, meteorological data on named storms relative to property and serviceable roof life.
  • Current Assessment: Current maintenance items, cost of replacement, cost of hurricane claim
  • Projected Assessment: Cost of replacement and timeline, cost of repairs, cost of maintenance, named storm probabilities, HVAC (service, repair, replace, maintenance), code compliance.
  • Options and Strategies: Monthly cost, reserve study, investment, long-term, short-term

Effectively Accomplish the Strategy and Goals of Our Clients

Island Roofing & Sheet Metal is certified with:

Projects Completed in the Past Year

Marina Bay

The Enclave

Sterling Greens

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